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Hail Damage Repair Cost Comprehensive Insurance Coverage For Hail Damage. Hail storms can happen in just a few minutes and cause considerable damage to your vehicle. This is why it’s important to know what to do if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a hailstorm. The following steps will help guide you through the process of filing a claim after a hailstorm has hit. *Find a safe place for your passengers and yourself before assessing any damage *Take photos of the damaged area *Report the incident to your insurance company, even if you don’t have comprehensive coverage *Contact your nearest body shop or car dealership Don’t wait until something bad happens. It’s always better to be prepared rather than sorry! That’s why it’s important that you know how to file a hail damage claim. Comprehensive hail damage coverage. A comprehensive hail damage coverage may be the only protection you need. Comprehensive coverage not only helps pay for repairs but also pays for new parts and even a rental car if you need it. If you looking to protect your vehicle from the financial impact of hail storms, then comprehensive coverage may be the right choice. What to do if your car is damaged? If your car is damaged by hail, the first thing you need to do is find a safe place for yourself and your passengers. This could be inside a building or in an area where there’s no more hail coming down. You’ll want to take photos of the damage and report it to your insurance company. Keep in mind: Dent Mavericks covers your deductible up to $1,000. If the hail damage is extensive, then you may need to file an insurance claim. Remember that it’s always better to be prepared than sorry! Click this link to learn about filing a claim. When to file the claim? It’s important to file the claim as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to wait until it hails again and you have to borrow money from your parents in order to get your car repaired. If you have comprehensive coverage, getting in touch with your insurance company is simple. They will contact the auto shop of your choice for an estimate on how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. You can choose Dent Mavericks as your preferred facility. Typically, if you have comprehensive coverage, it is worth filing the claim with your insurance company right away because deductibles are typically lower than if you wait. Waiting could also mean that the damage gets worse and costs more in the long run. Conclusion Comprehensive coverage is under the full coverage umbrella that you already pay for. Just like you are required to carry insurance by state law, your rates cannot be raised due to a weather hail event. Contact Dent Mavericks to get started (469) 547-1336

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